Why Microchip?

It doesn’t take more than a second – a door left open while you bring in the groceries, a child running through the gate leaving it unlatched, or a neighbor at your door – and your pet is gone.

Some pets don’t get far, others do find their way home, but for the millions of other unidentifiable pets that go missing each year the chances of a happy re-union are not good. Less than a quarter of all lost pets that are brought to animal welfare organizations each year are ever re-united with their families. Why? Because the animals are not identifiable, they have lost their collars or tags or, their tattoo is not legible. There is only one truly permanent form of animal identification – microchipping.

Call today to schedule your appointment and get your pet microchipped! For just $30.00 you can ensure your pet has a better chance at a safe return.