“Best vet I have ever taken any of my pets to. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats right now. Even though it’s not cheap to have great care for that many critters, I gladly spend my money at Metro Paws for the tremendous care and heart that they provide to both their 4 legged and 2 legged clients. You will be thrilled with the level of personable care you receive at MetroPaws!”
– Shannon Pinkston

“We have had dogs for 10+ years now and have tried many vets over the years. I always found a reason to be dissatisfied….. until I started fostering with Animal Allies of TX and took my foster dogs to Metro Paws (they do a ton of charity work with animal rescue groups).

I knew right away that I found the perfect vets for my own dogs. Our older dog, a Husky named Tasha, had been exhibiting symptoms for about 4 years that another vet never diagnosed even after doing bloodwork. When I brought her to MP she was diagnosed correctly with Cushings Disease which a stim test confirmed. I was so relieved that we didn’t have to spend money on test after test that didn’t tell us what was wrong with her. Because of the diagnosis and the medication that she was put on I believe she had much better quality of life until she passed away earlier this year after having a stroke at 14 1/2 years old. When it was time to put her to sleep Dr. Sarpong and the staff were so compassionate and comforting to us. They grieved for Tasha just like we did.

Dr. Sarpong and Dr. Lavender spend a lot of time with you and they never make you feel rushed. They never talk down to you as if you are stupid, either. We never have to wait very long before being shown into an examining room. The day after your appointment someone from their office calls to follow up and see how your pet is and ask if you have any questions.

The doctors and staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I can’t say enough good things about their practice. They have truly been a blessing to my family. I am so grateful that we found them. They truly love the animals they care for and are so very compassionate. I recommend them to everyone that I talk to.”
– Dawn Novakovich Robertson

“Just wanted to thank Dr Sarpong for helping Dakota , on Friday , Nov 21 . Dakota has been suffering from arthritis for years and has been prescribed Rimadyl with little improvement. The new prescription from Dr Sarpong has turned Dakota into a pain free pup. Seriously the improvement in her walking is amazing. Many thanks.” Robin Hirschmann

“Well, you really made my experience as good as it could have been. Considering I came by myself it was very nice to have Jennifer’s shoulder to cry on. I feel comfortable with the staff and I felt very comfortable just boo-hooing… Roxy is in a much better place and I just love the card you guys sent over to me! THANK YOU!!! I will drop a check in the mail to you for helping me take care of the arrangements. It was difficult to try to decide what to do… You made it that much easier… I can just picture SWEET Roxy running like a flash of white light!!! She was a true athlete and a LOYAL, loving doggy!!! We miss her! We love you and when I get my next doggy- YOU WILL BE MY VET FOREVER!!! Love to all of you, – Betsy aka Roxy’s mommy”

“Dear Dr. Lavender,
Wow! What a difference in the spacing between then and now. I’m very hopeful now that this will be just what the Dr. ordered!! So to speak… I wish I were closer, I would come see her and let her know I’m waiting for her to get better. (I work in Ft Worth).

Thank you thank you thank you!!! for YOUR patience and not giving up on her!!! She’s a great dog and I’ve actually grown very close to her. She is fast becoming a part of the pack in our house and I’ll be very happy to see her again on Friday morning as soon as I can get there to pick her up. Man… thank you again for not giving up on her!!

I really appreciate your integrity and humaneness?? with her… is that a word?
Sincerely, J Cody”

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