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Feline nutrition

Did you know that the dry cat food you are feeding your cat is likely 35-50% carbohydrates?  Cats, however, were designed to be strictly carnivores. Any idea how many carbs are in a mouse?  About 3-5%. The huge descrepancy in what nature intended our cats to eat and what we feed them has led us […]

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What is separation anxiety in dogs?

By Dr. Kathryn Sarpong, DVM Some dogs with too much unused energy and a highly developed bond to their families can develop destructive tendencies or excessive barking when left alone.  This can include destroying items in the house, scratching at doors or windows, destroying blinds, barking continuously, or having accidents in the house.   Certain breeds […]

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Will that dog bite?

by Dr. Kathryn Sarpong, DVM Dog bites are a concern for dog owners, parents of young children, and anyone that comes into contact with dogs.  According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 4 million people are bitten by dogs each year and more than 30,000 people may require surgery for bite wounds. Most […]

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