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Katie | Metro Paws Animal Hospital Dallas

Katie was born and raised in Ohio but knew at a very young age, Texas was calling her name. She packed up all her stuff at 24 years old and moved to Dallas where she started working as a sushi chef. Shortly after arriving in Texas she adopted Razputin, her black and tan dachshund. After bringing Razputin to his first vet appointment she realized being in this field would be something she wanted to do. Years later she has been working in this field doing internal medicine, emergency care and exotic medicine. She enjoys lab work and internal medicine work ups.

Katie lives with her wife, Lisa, and their herd of furry children; Chai-Lai, Sassy and Freddie Mercury- their kitty children, Nibbler Von Bunny Poo- their bunny child and Razputin and Capt. Janeway – their canine children.

She enjoys reading and playing video games. She is a self proclaimed Uber nerd and collects dachshund memorabilia.

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