Darren was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas until he was twelve, then moved to Dallas in 2000. He always had a great fascination with animals, even at a young age. He would collect lizards and bugs growing up, and his grandparents had a farm where he helped raise a myriad of bird species as well as his own collection of pets.

In school Darren always was enamored by science and helped out when it was time to dissect fetal pigs and various other animals. Darren came to Metro Paws in June of 2012. He studied biology and photography at Stephen F. Austin State University while also finding a happy place with Apple Inc. But Darren wanted a bit more. He moved back to Dallas with his fiancé, to start anew. Still studying photography and science, Darren’s plans are far from complete. He wants to have his own photography studio one day and to help his wife build their own empire. Also Darren plans to begin nursing course this fall. Darren currently has six animals.

Montecore and Dante: Siberian husky/Akita mixes
Samson: Pomeranian/poodle mix
Bubbles: three legged shih tzu mix

Lala: Maine coon
Kitty baby: Siamese/Linx/tabby mix

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