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Recent Distemper Outbreak in Racoons and Dogs

You may have spotted raccoons in your yard or in the street recently acting confused or “friendly”. Most of these raccoons are suffering from a very deadly virus called distemper. The raccoons should not be approached, and you should keep your pets and children away from them. A call to Dallas Animal Control at 311 […]

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Metro Paws’ stand on canine flu

Canine Influenza and the new Vaccine Canine Influenza is a flu virus that affects dogs. It is thought to have mutated from the equine influenza a few years ago and was first seen in racing greyhounds in 2004. Recently, a new vaccine has been released with conditional approval and has generated a lot of press […]

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What to do with your new puppy

1. Committment – Involve all family members in the care of your new puppy. Consider assignments for feeding, bathing, walking, etc. Caring for a puppy is huge responsibility and everyone should be involved. Puppies require a lot of attention and love. 2. Equipment – Make sure that your puppy has all the necessary equipment to […]

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What is separation anxiety in dogs?

By Dr. Kathryn Sarpong, DVM Some dogs with too much unused energy and a highly developed bond to their families can develop destructive tendencies or excessive barking when left alone.  This can include destroying items in the house, scratching at doors or windows, destroying blinds, barking continuously, or having accidents in the house.   Certain breeds […]

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