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Congential Eyelid Agenesis

Attending DVM: Dr. Jennifer Lavender This kitten was presented to Metro Paws Animal Hospital by Operation Kindness. He had a birth defect that resulted in his eyelids not developing. These kittens cannot blink and their eye remains open even when they are sleeping. This kitten had to have one eye removed because it had become […]

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Othopedic Surgery

Attending DVM: Dr. Jennifer Lavender Dobie was intentionally hit by a car in August, 2007. He underwent two lengthy orthopedic surgeries to repair both sides of his pelvis. Today he is an active, healthy dog that found his forever home through Animal Allies of Texas.            

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Uretonephrectomy in a 4 Week-Old Kitten

By Dr. Jennifer Lavender, DVM • Hydronephrosis is caused by increased intrarenal pressure due to ureteral defect (ie. ectopic, stenotic, hypoplastic, torsed, etc.) • Uretronephrectomy is a viable solution when contralateral renal function is adequate. A four week old kitten presented for abdominal distension. The owner had noticed the enlarging abdomen over the last week. […]

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